Experts in both DNA and Trace Evidence

Trace Evidence

Identify and compare transferred materials

DNA Analysis

Provide an expert review of results

Forensic Training

Tailored to our clients’ specific requests

Bloodstain Pattern Analysis

Understanding the bloodshed to recreate the crime scene

Cold Cases

Bring a new perspective and deliver alternate forensic testing

Crime Scene Investigation

Discover and examine evidence recovered from crime scenes

Police and Other Investigative Departments

At Forensic Science & WildLife Matters, we have extensive experience assisting police and other investigative departments through a range of forensic science services.

Very few independent forensic scientists in Australia are proficient in both DNA and trace evidence. With over 35 years of experience, Dr. Silvana Tridico is highly accomplished in this field and has contributed to a number of peer-reviewed publications.

Silvana has also frequented the FBI training academy in Quantico to represent Australia’s interest concerning the process of forensic examinations of trace evidence. She was involved from the beginning of DNA profiling in South Australia in the early 1990s.

At Forensic Science & WildLife Matters, we examine and compare trace materials that may have transmitted between people, objects or the environment during a crime.

Human or animal hair, textile fibres and fabric, bloodstain patterns and rope are only a few examples of trace evidence and can reveal a great deal about the details of a crime.

In relation to DNA profiling, we can review the results or re-examine and interpret findings obtained by other forensic scientists or practitioners.

We assist police through a range of forensic science services

We specialise in interpretation of DNA analysis results, trace evidence, bloodstain pattern analysis and we can examine human and animal hair. Our findings provide police and other investigative departments a wealth of information about a case.

A brief overview of how our forensic science services can assist to solve cases:

  • Evaluation of damaged clothing – we can determine age estimates and the manner in which the damage occurred.
  • DNA profiling – review of DNA profiles.
  • Crime scene examination – including bloodstain pattern interpretation, the examination of human and animal hairs, clothing, alleged weapons and other relevant items recovered from crime scenes.
  • Independent consultation – regarding active investigations and to deliver alternative testing for cold cases.
  • Animal hair identification – examination and identification of animal hair obtained from imported taxidermied animals, and other products containing animal hair, to ensure compliance with the Convention on International Trade of Endangered Species of Wild Flora and Fauna (CITES). We also identify animal hair from weapons or other items in relation to animal cruelty cases.
  • Provision of expert advice – as a specialist consultancy, we apply innovative thinking to solve forensic problems.
  • Forensic training – we provide forensic training to crime scene examiners and law enforcement personnel, tailored to our clients’ specific requirements.

Forensic Science Services

At Forensic Science & WildLife Matters, we provide a comprehensive range of forensic science services. Covering crime scene interpretation, analyses of trace and biological evidence, DNA profiling, bloodstain pattern analysis, the examination of human and animal hair, through to expert witness at court.

We assist:

Forensic Biology - Trace Evidence & DNA Profiling
Archaeological Research - Hair examination

Uncover the scientific facts

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