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Forensic Science & WildLife Matters deliver professional forensic science services in Australia and internationally. We assist lawyers by providing independent and impartial results, according to the analyses and interpretation of biological and trace evidence. Through our findings, we can also act as an expert witness in court.

Director and Principal forensic biologist, Dr. Silvana Tridico, commenced her career in 1982 at the Home Office Forensic Science Laboratory in the UK. She has since immigrated to Australia and to date, has worked in some of the world’s most renowned forensic laboratories. For several years, Silvana consulted at the FBI training academy in Quantico, USA, to represent Australia’s interest in setting the standards for trace evidence.

As a forensic biologist with over 35 years of experience, Silvana is an expert across various disciplines including trace evidence and DNA analysis, crime scene interpretation, bloodstain pattern interpretation, fibre examination and archaeology. She also provides tailored forensic training to assist legal professionals, police and other investigative departments.

At Forensic Science & WildLife Matters we specialise in

Forensic Biology

Forensic biology is the implementation of biology to assist in solving criminal and civil crimes. At Forensic Science & WildLife Matters, our forensic biologist is highly experienced across a comprehensive range of disciplines to detect, analyse, review and interpret biological evidence. We also review statements concerning biological evidence to provide our expert opinion.

Through our findings we can report what the evidence means, or doesn’t mean.

Review of DNA Analyses

Forensic biologist, Dr Silvana Tridico is recognised as an expert in DNA profiling, interpretation of simple and complex DNA profiles and performing statistical analyses of the results.

At Forensic Science & WildLife Matters, we can review the protocols and results regarding DNA profiling interpreted by other forensic practitioners or scientists. We will seek to address three central issues often associated with DNA cases: whose DNA is it? How did the DNA get there? Has the DNA profile been interpreted and reported, in an impartial and balanced manner, with defence alternatives considered?

Trace Evidence

Silvana is a leading expert in the analysis and interpretation of microscopic and macroscopic trace evidence.

Trace evidence collected from a crime scene can provide information relating to what occurred at the scene. The evidence may assist to reconstruct the event or potentially link a suspect and victim to a shared location.

We examine damaged clothing and other textile fibres to determine torn vs cut, the type of implement used and whether the damage is recent or ‘old’.

Bloodstain Pattern Analysis

At Forensic Science & WildLife Matters, we apply the principles of biology, physics and mathematics to analyse the size, shape, dispersal and position of bloodstains to interpret what did or did not occur at a crime scene.

Through Bloodstain Pattern Analysis (BPA), we examine or re-examine crime scenes, clothing, weapons, vehicles, and other items of forensic relevance to determine the nature, timing and actions of the crime.

BPA can assist the investigator to reconstruct the sequence of events which caused the bloodshed, confirm witness statements, and include or omit potential suspects.

Crime Scene Interpretation

Dr. Silvana Tridico has extensive experience in crime scene interpretation having investigated over 100 crime scenes. She frequently delivers impartial and accurate results to assist police, investigative departments and lawyers.

Crime scene interpretation involves BPA and the examination of fibres, human and animal hairs, alleged weapons and other relevant items recovered from crime scenes.  We also re-examine biological or trace evidence which has been interpreted by another forensic biologist or practitioner.

Human and Animal Hair Examination

Microscopical examination of human and animal hair is a niche area of expertise at Forensic Science & WildLife Matters. Silvana is extensively published in this field and held in high esteem globally.

Through microscopical examination, we distinguish animal hair obtained from imported taxidermied animals, and products containing animal hair, to ensure proper compliance. We also examine human and animal hair recovered from crime scenes, clothing, alleged weapons, and other relevant items to assist forensic investigations and wildlife conservation cases.

We also specialise in archaeology and apply specific practices to analyse ancient animal and human hair.

Expert Witness

Our sound forensic science examination results ensure our forensic biologist can act as an expert witness in court, in both criminal and civil cases, to provide an independent and unbiased opinion.

Silvana has acted as an expert witness in numerous court hearings throughout Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

Forensic Training

We provide forensic training to other forensic practitioners, members of the legal profession, crime scene examiners and law enforcement personnel, tailored to our client’s specific requests.

Our forensic training service imparts the knowledge to interpret and understand the importance of biological forensic evidence.

We also deliver entertaining and interactive workshops to schools, colleges and universities relating to conserving the biodiversity of mammals.

During Silvana’s extensive career as a forensic biologist, she has honed her skills across various disciplines and worked in several forensic laboratories, including:


Australian Federal Police (AFP), Canberra, ACT

Forensic Science Service Tasmania (FSST) TAS

Forensic Science Service (FSSA), South Australia, SA

Forensic and Scientific Services (FSS), Queensland, QLD

The Victoria Police Forensic Services Department (FSD), VIC


Centre of Forensic Sciences, Toronto, Canada

Environmental Science and Research Ltd, Auckland, New Zealand

Forensic Science & WildLife Matters is proudly affiliated with the following organisation:

Flinders University, South Australia, SA

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