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Forensic Science and WildLife Matters assists lawyers, the judiciary and jury to ‘make sense of the science.’

We will explain what the evidence means but more importantly, on some occasions, what it doesn’t mean.

We provide each with independent reviews of results, forensic statements and opinions of other scientists and forensic practitioners in relation to biological evidence through:

  • Examination or re-examination of crime scene interpretation through Blood Splash Pattern Analysis (BSPA), including BSPA of clothing, weapons and other items of forensic relevance.
  • Examination or re-examination of biological evidence conducted by other forensic practitioners or scientists
  • Reviewing interpretations of hair evidence, involving microscopical identification of animal hair and human hair, conducted by other practitioners and forensic scientists
  • Reviewing protocols and results regarding DNA profiling of human hair and body fluids
  • Interpretation issues involving mixed DNA profiles in which there are 2 or more contributors
  • Interpretation issues arising from low template DNA profiling
  • Issues of DNA transfer and persistence
  • Examination or re-examination of damage to clothing and other textile fibres.

Forensic Science and WildLife Matters will seek to address three central issues that are often associated with DNA cases:

  • Whose DNA is it?
  • How did the DNA get there?
  • Has the DNA profile been interpreted and reported, in an impartial and balanced manner, which takes into consideration defense alternatives?
Forensic Science and WildLife Matters brings decades of expertise and case-work experience in preparing legal teams to conduct effective examination in chief and cross-examination/rebuttal of expert witnesses and other practitioners.

We provide expert evidence in each areas of our expertise.

We provide tailored training to assist legal professionals to understand forensic evidence and its significance.

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