Evidence examination through to expert witness in court

Expert Witness

Independent and impartial expert witness

Crime Scene Investigation

Discover and examine evidence recovered from crime scenes

Trace Evidence

Specialising in the analysis of trace evidence

DNA Profiling

Review of DNA profiles

Examine Damaged Clothing

Determine how the damage occurred and when

Forensic Training

Customised training to assist legal professionals


Forensic Science is the application of scientific principles pertaining to the law. Forensic Science & WildLife Matters assist lawyers to ‘make sense of the science’. Through DNA profiling, crime scene examination, bloodstain pattern analysis, trace evidence examination and hair examination, we establish facts admissible in the court of law.

Forensic science is a fundamental element of the criminal justice system and aids in the investigation and prosecution of crime. Forensic science protocols provide impartial evidence to assist the court to understand a crime, determine the nature of a crime, when and where the crime happened, identify any weapons involved in the crime, link a suspect to a victim, or exonerate a suspect.

We explain what the evidence means and, on some occasions, what it doesn’t mean in an easy to understand manner. We also act as an expert witness in court to discuss our findings.

Forensic science – how we assist lawyers

We provide independent and unbiased reviews of results, a methodical chain of custody, forensic statements and expert opinions of other forensic scientists and practitioners concerning biological evidence through:

Crime Scene Interpretation –

  • We examine or re-examine crime scene interpretations including Bloodstain Pattern Analysis or clothing, weapons and other items of forensic relevance.
  • Examine or re-examine biological evidence statements written by other forensic scientists or practitioners.
  • Examine human or animal hairs, clothing, alleged weapons and other applicable items recovered from crime scenes.
  • Review interpretations of hair evidence, involving microscopical identification of animal hair and human hair, conducted by other practitioners or forensic scientists.

Evaluation of Damaged Clothing –

  • We examine or re-examine damage to clothing and other textile fibres to determine how the damage occurred and an age estimate.

Expert Witness in Court –

  • Our director and principal forensic biologist, Dr. Silvana Tridico, has acted as an expert witness, to provide an independent and impartial opinion, in numerous law courts in Australia, Canada and New Zealand.
  • As an expert witness, we can address complex evidence or analysis in an easily understood manner.
  • Our forensic science services cover chain of custody, proficient court statement preparation and expert witness.
  • Through our findings, we can also identify appropriate lines of questioning.

Forensic Training –

  • At Forensic Science & WildLife Matters, we bring over 35 years of expertise and case-work experience to provide forensic training to legal professionals.
  • We tailor our forensic training sessions to our clients’ specific requirements.
  • We prepare legal teams to undertake effective examination in chief and cross-examination/rebuttal of expert witnesses and other forensic practitioners.
  • Our customised training assists legal professionals to understand forensic evidence and its significance.

Trace Evidence –

  • For several years Dr. Silvana Tridico consulted at the Quantico FBI training academy in the USA, representing Australia’s interest in setting the standards for trace evidence.
  • Review trace evidence statements written by another forensic biologist or practitioner.

DNA Profiling –

  • We review procedures and results regarding DNA profiling of human hair and body fluids.
  • Interpret issues involving mixed DNA profiles in which there are 2 or more contributors.
  • Solve DNA transfer and persistence issues.
  • We seek to address three central issues that are often associated with DNA cases:
    Whose DNA is it? How did the DNA get there? Is the DNA profile interpreted and reported objectively, with defence alternatives taken into consideration?

Forensic Science Services

At Forensic Science & WildLife Matters, we provide a comprehensive range of forensic science services. Covering crime scene interpretation, analyses of trace and biological evidence, DNA profiling, bloodstain pattern analysis, the examination of human and animal hair, through to expert witness at court.

We assist:

Forensic Biology - Trace Evidence & DNA Profiling
Archaeological Research - Hair examination

Reveal the truth through forensic science

Forensic Science and Wildlife Matters delivers a high quality and meticulous investigation, chain of custody, and court statement preparation, through to expert witness in court.

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