Microscopical examination

General public and museums

Forensic Science & WildLife Matters provides tailored services for members of the public and museums including:

  • Microscopy of animal hairs sampled from rugs, souvenirs and apparel for species identification
  • Microscopical examination of hair from modern and ancient wigs to determine whether the hair is human, animal or synthetic in origin
  • Identification of imported taxidermy animal specimens, body parts or pelts to ensure compliance with Australian law and CITES (Convention of International Trade of Endangered Species: Fauna)
  • Microscopical examination of museum ethnographic items made from, or containing, mammalian hair in order to determine whether the hair is human, or animal in origin.
Microscopy of animal hairs

Mammalian Hairs

Mammalian hairs may be identified through by the shape of their roots, the pattern on their hair shafts and by their cross sections using microscopy.

taxidermy animal specimens

Taxidermied Specimens

Taxidermied specimens and/or their pelts are important references that enable their remains to be preserved for future studies. However, their pelts are vulnerable to dermestid beetles attack which could decimate mammalian collections. Conducting routine checks may save collections.

Microscopical examination


Microscopes are the backbones of many laboratories, they are essential equipment in almost any laboratory. We have a access to a number of microscopes ranging from light microscopy to the sophisticated scanning electron microscope.


Forensic Science Services

At Forensic Science & WildLife Matters, we provide a comprehensive range of forensic science services. Covering crime scene interpretation, analyses of trace and biological evidence, DNA profiling, bloodstain pattern analysis, the examination of human and animal hair, through to expert witness at court.

We assist:

Forensic Biology - Trace Evidence & DNA Profiling
Archaeological Research - Hair examination

Making sense of the science…

We meet our clients’ unique requirements through accurate forensic examination with a dedication to uncovering the truth through sound science.

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