Dr Silvana Tridico

Dr. Silvana Tridico, Director and Principal Scientist, commenced her career in 1982 at the Home Office Forensic Science Laboratory, in the UK before immigrating to Australia. Silvana has in excess of 30 years experience as a forensic biologist with demonstrable national and international recognition in her areas of expertise.

Over her extensive career, Silvana has attended over 100 crime scenes and provided expert evidence, in law courts in Australia, Canada and New Zealand and is a recognised forensic expert in DNA profiling of biological fluids and hair roots, interpretation of simple and complex DNA profiles and performing statistical analyses of the results, including:

  • Reviewing statements in relation to biological evidence
  • Blood-stain pattern interpretation at crime scenes, vehicles, weapons and other items of forensic interest
  • Assessment of damage to clothing and other textile fibres in order to identify the type of implement used and to determine whether the damage is recent or ‘old’
  • Microscopical examination of human and animal hair in relation to forensic, and wildlife conservation cases, this niche expertise is one in which Silvana has national and international standing and she is widely published in this area
  • Training other forensic practitioners, members of the legal profession, crime scene examiners and law enforcement personnel in relation to the interpretation and significance of biological forensic evidence
  • Provision of expert evidence.

Silvana has always embraced opportunities to build on her skills and expertise; over her extensive career she has worked in some of the world’s most renowned forensic laboratories. Each of these experiences has added unique dimensions to her forensic portfolio, which Forensic Science and WildLife Matters draws upon, to the benefit of their clients. Access to a network of national and international experts is extensive and enviable.

Forensic Science and WildLife Matters is proudly affiliated with:

and associated with:

  • Flinders University (SA)
  • Curtin University (WA)
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