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Forensic science services in Australia

Forensic Science & WildLife Matters is a leading independent consultancy service, delivering a full spectrum of forensic science services in Australia and internationally.

Director and Principal forensic biologist, Dr. Silvana Tridico, has over 35 years of experience and is recognised worldwide as an expert in her field of forensic science and wildlife matters.

Dr. Silvana Tridico holds proficiency in a number of skills across various forensic techniques, working in several renowned laboratories throughout Australia, Canada and New Zealand. For several years she consulted at the FBI training academy in Quantico, USA, to represent Australia’s interest in setting the standards for trace evidence.

Our forensic science services include reviewing the following:

  • Review of DNA analyses
  • Trace evidence case review and examination
  • Mixed DNA profile interpretation
  • Crime scene interpretation
  • Bloodstain pattern interpretation
  • Textile Fibre examinations
  • Microscopical examination of human and animal hair
  • Archaeological specimens hair and textile fibres
  • Examination or re-examination of biological evidence
  • Forensic training
  • Expert witness/provision of expert evidence
  • Interactive forensic workshops for schools, colleges and universities
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What is forensic science?

Forensic science is the application of science pertaining to the law and has become a vital part of the judicial system.

A forensic scientist draws upon a range of scientific techniques, including biology, physics and chemistry, to analyse and interpret evidence to establish the existence of a crime, the offender of a crime, or the relationship to a crime. They also act as an an impartial expert witness in court to deliver their findings.

From crime scene interpretation to expert witness at court with forensic science services

To date, Dr. Silvana Tridico has investigated over 100 crime scenes, and frequently delivers independent and unbiased results pertaining to the examination or re-examination of biological evidence to assist lawyers.

Her various fields of expertise in forensics, continue to provide police and other investigative departments a wealth of information regarding active investigations, and to deliver alternative testing for ‘cold cases’.

Forensic Science & WildLife Matters offers forensic science services to the following organisations:

Forensic Biology

Assisting Police and Other Investigative Departments

Forensic Science & WildLife Matters assists police and other investigative departments through DNA profiling, trace evidence, human and animal hair examination and identification, and bloodstain pattern analysis.

We also provide forensic training tailored to our clients specific requirements.

Forensic Biology - Trace Evidence & DNA Profiling


DNA profiling, Blood Splash Pattern Analysis

Forensic science is the application of science to the law and is one of the most powerful forms of evidence within the courts.

Dr. Silvana Tridico delivers unbiased expert evidence through reliable forensic examinations, court statement preparation, and as an expert witness within courts throughout Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

Lawyers – Expert Witness

Wildlife Forensics

Biodiversity conservation

As part of our forensic science services, we identify mammalian hairs using microscopy and review results of wildlife DNA cases involving the identification of mammals.

Our findings assist in forensic investigations related to animal persecution cases and biodiversity conservation.

Wildlife Forensic Science – biodiversity conservation


Forensic Science & WildLife Matters applies specialist archaeological techniques to examine ancient non-human and human hairs.

Microscopical examination of human and non-human hair is a niche area of expertise in which Silvana is recognised worldwide, and is widely published in this sector.

We undertake extreme caution and compliance with ancient DNA laboratory practices. Due to the high sensitivity in this field, we ensure the integrity of ancient hair for future DNA analyses.

Archaeological Research - Hair examination

Forensic science workshops

For Schools, Colleges & Universities

As an introduction to forensic science services, we deliver entertaining presentations and interactive workshops to schools, colleges and universities.

Our on-site workshops highlight the supreme importance in conserving the biodiversity of mammals.

Including mock forensic wildlife cases to solve, your class will be truly inspired by this vital cause.

Forensic science workshops - For Schools, Colleges & Universities

General public and museums

We assist the general public and museums through the examination and identification of animal, synthetic, and human hairs, and microscopical examination of ethnographic items.

We also identify imported taxidermy specimens, body parts or pelts to ensure they comply with Australian law and CITES (Convention on International Trade of Endangered Species of Wild Flora and Fauna).

We will provide you with advanced practical, analytical and interpretative reporting.

Can we help you?

General Public and Museums - Microscopical Examination

Making sense of the science…

We meet our clients’ unique requirements through accurate forensic examination with a dedication to uncovering the truth through sound science.

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